US iTunes gift cards

If you’re like me: a big TV series fan living outside US, its sometimes quiet annoying, to get you’re favorite TV series in a legal way.

The only solution I found so far is, to buy US iTunes gift cards online and create a US iTunes store account.

Configure iTunes is quiet easy, just change the “store country” to US and create a new Account. You have to provide a US address and phone number, you have also to use a different email address, then you use for your local iTunes account. Btw. my US address and phone number is faked, because i do not have one.

A good and fast provider for iTunes gift cards is Jerry Cards. (Click here to visit

The cards can be ordered online and paid with paypal. The commission, Jerry Cards is taking, is quiet low. At the time I write this blog post a 100 USD store value is sold for 109 USD.

You’ll get immediately a link by email to a scan of the original iTuns gift card. No waiting time and the card can be used immediately.

Click here to visit